At Franke, we are convinced that everyone strives to improve their lives and their world. The prerequisite for this is individual freedom. With the wire race bearing invented by Erich Franke, we support our customers in developing better products. The Erich Franke Foundation applies this approach to research as well as to social and ecological commitment. It promotes and supports projects that make our world a better place.

Purpose of the foundation

The promotion of science and research, the promotion of youth and elderly care, the promotion of welfare, the promotion of nature conservation and landscape conservation within the meaning of the Federal Nature Conservation Act and the nature conservation laws of the federal states and the promotion of charitable purposes within the meaning of § 53 AO. The statutory purposes are realized in particular through

Erich Franke

The life of company founder Erich Franke is unique in many respects. How he worked his way up to become a leading design engineer at the global company Zeiss without any higher education, how he was uprooted from his homeland after the Second World War and shortly afterwards took the plunge into entrepreneurship, how he advanced his company with visionary drive on the one hand and a great sense of responsibility for the people in his "business family" on the other. All of this is remarkable - and at the same time a reflection of the history of the 20th century.

The Erich-Franke-Foundation was established in 2000 by the married couple Egon and Eva Franke to mark the 100th birthday of the inventor of the wire race bearing.

Organs of the foundation

The bodies of the Foundation are

1st Board of Directors
Daniel Groz (Partner and Managing Director of Franke GmbH)

2nd Advisory Board
Sascha Eberhard (Chairman of the Advisory Board and Managing Director of Franke GmbH)
Bernhard Richter (Pastor (retired) of the City Church of Aalen)
Frederick Brütting (Mayor of the City of Aalen)